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27.12.03. The big NEWS for the guests of the site "Raznotravie". At the sister-site "Ethno-Kuznya" is opened FORUM which is more progressive variant of guestbook represented on this site. By practical way we've see that there is no enough of limited possibility of the guestbook for the discussion of our creativity. As it is known the site "Raznotravie" and the site "Ethno-Kuznya" specialy created to supply each other in order to give you the complete information about an unusual tide of the russian modern folk-music which take it roots in Rybinsk town near by Volga river. Through the more then 10 years the various folk-groups, projects and musicians from this town brightly represents Russia in the direction of folk and world music and has the status of the "famous names" at the Russian folk-stage. In "Ethno-Kuznya FORUM" it is added a lot of thematic departments about Russian folk-music, Russian folk-instruments and Russian ethnopsychology. But sorry since it is not complete english version, you will find special english topic at the bottom of the main forum page. Please visit this topic for your posts. BUT after REGISTRATION you may choose english language in your profile to avoid misunderstanding for the reading forum text commands. Registration button is on the top next after "Home" link. So wellcome in "Ethno-Kuznya FORUM" and Happy New Year !

27.11.03. Full refreshing of the site "Ethno-Kuznya" (personal site of Mitya Kouznetsov), here >>...

2.11.03. We have changed our e-mail so please visit "contact" to see the new contact mail box >>...

8.10.03. Here is the new photos from participation on 500-years celebrating of Panevezys (Lithuania)
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

1.10.03. The second direct "radio-air" with Mitya Kouznetsov at Moscow radiostation "Arsenal"- 87,5 FM in the programm "Izverjenie Ethno" is expected 4 October at 20.00

12.08.03. - In saturday 16 August in 20.00 Mitya Kouznetsov in direct "radio-air" of the programm "Izverjenie Ethno" at Moscow radiostation "Arsenal"- 87,5 FM

1.08.03. In Concerts read information about next concerts

28.06.03. In "Ethno-Kuznya" in the department "Smiths" it is opened new exhibition of weaving art of Anna Kuznetsova (Danilka) >>...

10.06.03. In News of the group read information about next concerts

27.04.03. HRISTOS VOSKRESE! We congratulate all Orthodox people with Easter!

13.04.03. Read review of "Raznotravie" album from "FolkWorld - Home of European Music" pages >>...

26.03.03. GuestBook finnaly fixed. Welcome!

24.03.03. Our dear friends! Because of reorginizing on our host server it was some problems to get connection with our site, guest book and e-mail for the last month. Now everything is fixed! We are deeply sorry for this delay and waiting again for you to visit us! Your Raznotravie!

12.01.03. Now you have the possibility to listen some of the early songs of group "Raznotravie" from album "Solntsevorot" of 1997 th. >>

- also in "songs" there is a good quality samples of mp3 music from the album "Katorga" >>

7.01.03. MERRY CRISTMAS to all Orthodox people!

1.01.2003. Our dearest Friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of You!

21.12.02. Just received from Liethuania stage photo from festival "Suklegos" >>

8.12.02. Just received from archived photo of "Orpheus" festival in Voronej (here...)

15.11.02. In News of the group read information about next concerts

21.10.02. Producer of folk-project "Raznotravie" Mitya Kouznetsov opened the page with russian folk instruments (see "instruments") on his personal site "Ethno-Kuznya". So now it is possible not only view but also listen to the instruments one by one from which was created alboum Katorga of "Raznotravie".

5.10.02. Soon it will be possible to view some pictures from our Balkan and Baltic tour.

10.09.02. In News of the group read information about concerts of "Raznotravie" for september-october.

1.08.02. "Raznotravie" became a winner of festival-competition "Crimean Nights" in Moscow where participated all best acoustic bands of Moscow! We took the second place!

24.07.02. "Raznotravie" won second set of festival "Crimean Nights"and now will be participating in final 31 July.

20.07.02. Fresh photo from festival "Crimean Nights" in Moscow (here...)

14.07.02. "Raznotravie" participated in first set of acoustic music festival "Crimean Nights" in The World Trade Center in Moscow and won the first set. Now is expected perfomance in the second set 23 July.

29.06.02. Read new information about summer concerts of "Raznotravie" in News of the group.
"ROFF technologies" realised new collection CD from rock-festival "OBHOWLENIE-2002" where were included the song "Yarilo" of "Raznotravie".

19.06.02. The banners of "Raznotravie" are appeared in Contacts

18.06.02. Some changes in date of folk-fest in News of the group.

13.06.02. Read new information about summer concerts of "Raznotravie" in News of the group.

9.06.02. Since many people ask about what happend between "Raznotravie" and "Blackmore's Night" we placed in News of the group explanatation why Richie Blackmore liked and choosed folk-project "Raznotravie" from all russian bands for his russian tour but performance of "Raznotravie" still was canceled (we hope soon it will be accessible in english).

7.06.02. In Review is added new publication with interview for "Salon Audio Video" magazine.

4.06.02. Site is optimized now for 800x600 resolution. We hope that everybody who has got 15'' monitor is feeling comfortable now while being here.

21.05.02 This day is the second birth of "Raznotravie" site.

- "Raznotravie changed the hosting and address, now our official address is;
- designe was changed;
- we decided to combine two sites together - site of "Raznotravie" and "Ethno-Kuznya"(official site of producer of "Raznotravie" Mitya Kouznetsov). Now you'll see "two in One". And officialy it is called Folk-project "Raznotravie", but "Ethno-Kuznya" became a department of "Raznotravie" where besides of Mitya's projects it will be told about culture and various ethno-projects of Rybinsk. You can read an information about many creative people (musicians, acters, artisans) on their personal pages at "Ethno-Kuznya";
- our contact e-mail also has changed. Here is a new: . Please write us direct to Rybinsk Home of "Raznotravie".

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