CD of "Raznotravie" album "Katorga" you can buy here:



If you are out of Russia then it is easy to get CD by post. For that please just write direct to our official adress

If you are visiting our Yaroslavl region in Russia then:


Shop "Knijnyi mir"(pr. Lenina, 128)
Shop "Grif"(oul. Krestovaya, 40/6)


Shop "Rus" (oul.Svobody, 36, 2nd floor)
Shop "Slon" (oul.Svobody, 52)
Shop "Muza" (oul.Deputatskaya, 15/43, tel. 30-40-76)

For wholesale:
contact with "
ARK system" in Moscow:
tel. +7 (095) 748-07-30, 748-07-31, 748-07-32

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