Mikhail Posadsky

vocal, jaw harp, folk-whistle

Author most of the songs, poet and writer. One of the founder of "Raznotravie"

Vyacheslav Kamenkov

acoustic guitar, domra, back vocal

Arranger and song writer, professional artist. One of the founder of "Raznotravie"

Anna Kouznetsova (Kholodyakova)

hurdy-gurdy, back vocal, folk winds, percussion

Embroidery and weaving artist

Mitya Kouznetsov (producer of the project)

vocal, svirel (russian whistle), jaleika (russian reedpipe), flute, gusli (russian psaltery), mandolin, jaw harp, folk percussion

Producer, composer and soundengineer. Participated in many folk projects. Collaborates with MDC records (Belgium) where released some of his solo albums. Composes music for the documentary moovies. More information about Mitya Kouznetsov on his site "Ethno-Kuznya"

Alexandra Nikitina


Participated in some Moscow folk groups playing celtic music and played in various Moscow orchestras. Studies psychology at Moscow University

Valery Ershov

acoustic bass-guitar, back vocal

One of the founder of "Raznotravie", song writer

Pavel Davydovich

drums, percussion

Came to "Raznotravie" from rock-music

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